How many of us take the time to read our cell phone’s instruction manual?

You might be surprised to find that many cell phone manufacturers encourage consumers to keep the phone away from their body.


Partial list of cell phone manual warnings:

iPhone 5

To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones, or other similar accessories. Carry iPhone at least 10mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels. Cases with metal parts may change the RF performance of the device, including its compliance with RF exposure guidelines, in a manner that has not been tested or certified.


When you wear your BlackBerry device close to your body, use a RIM approved holster with an integrated belt clip or maintain a distance of 0.98 in. (25 mm) between your BlackBerry device and your body while your BlackBerry device is transmitting. Use of body-worn accessories, other than RIM approved holsters with an integrated belt clip, might cause your BlackBerry device to exceed radio frequency (RF) exposure standards if the accessories are worn on your body while the BlackBerry device is transmitting. The long term effects of exceeding RF exposure standards might present a risk of serious harm.

Samsung Galaxy

For body-worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the mobile device a minimum of 1.0 cm from the body.


NON IONIZING RADIATION. This product should be operated in the suggested normal condition only to ensure the radiative performance and safety of the interference. As with other mobile radio transmitting equipment, users are advised that for satisfactory operation of the equipment and for the safety of personnel, it is recommended that no part of the human body be allowed to come too close to the antenna during operation of the equipment.


If you wear the mobile device on your body always place the mobile device in a Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness. If you do not use a body-worn accessory supplied or approved by Motorola, keep the mobile device and its antenna at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) from your body when transmitting.

Motorola offers additional precautions to those with implantable medical devices.

Motorola even acknowledges the potential health effects of mobile phone use:

There have been instances where people reported various health problems such as headaches, aching muscles or skin irritation, and they attributed those symptoms to radio frequency exposure.

(While denying a direct connection, Motorola directs consumers to the World Health Organization(WHO) fact sheet for electromagnetic hypersensitivity.)


After a continuing research on this subject, my wife and I have decided to be more cautious with ourselves and our children around cell phones.  We found a variety of cell phone stands, accessories and cases that help to meet these guidelines on,

And please remember less screen/phone time is always better for your health, your family time, and your posture!

-Dr. Anthony Cutting