We at Active Chiropractic would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, the frontline healthcare workers, that are working hard to keep our communities healthy and safe!

We acknowledge the large responsibility and the physical and mental stress that your professions are currently under. It is our privilege to be able to provide high-quality care to you and to our community for musculoskeletal-related complaints. 

Whether you are hurting from working more than ever before during this time, or you are not working as much and finally have the time to focus on your own health, we are here to help you stay physically healthy so you can continue to serve to the best of your abilities.

Our office provides a comprehensive treatment approach combining

a chiropractic adjustment,

manual therapy and

physiotherapy treatment

designed specifically to support the musculoskeletal concerns of our healthcare workers, such as:


Back pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee pain, Hip pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Elbow Pain, Shoulder Pain


If you are an essential healthcare worker associated with a local medical office or hospital, please let our front desk know upon scheduling. We will do our best to get you in right away. 

We are committed to making sure our essential healthcare workers are healthy, happy, and pain-free.

Sending all our best, from us to you!

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