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RESTART is a 5-week sugar detox program for those who want to kick their sugar habit & learn how to eat healthier. This program comes with a nutritional assessment, in-person nutritional classes with a private online support group, a recipe book with information on how to cook with REAL FOOD, & more!


This 5-week program will come with:

– (5) one hour group sessions

– Digestive Health Assessment

– Learn what sugar really does in the body/The truth about FATS

– Sugar Detox

– Instructions on what foods to replace sugar with (Especially during cravings)

– Recipe Book

-Exclusive access to online group with members who will share their experience, recipes, and nutritional advice.


Benefits that participants experience:

–> Increased Energy

–> More Restful Sleep

–> Weight Loss

–> Boosted Immune System

–> Decreased Anxiety

–> Feeling GREAT!


Dates: January 2019!

Class dates & times are still being determined.

Only $249 for a 5-week program with a licensed nutritional professional.
Call: (541) 543-5032 to save your place & make your payment!
You can also make your payment in-person.
If you’d like to suggest a preferred day/time for the next RESTART® Program, email: 



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