Do you often wake up with back, neck, or shoulder pain? Do you find yourself waking up feeling groggy and unrested?

There’s no shortage of reasons why you may be experiencing pain or restless sleep; but did you know your mattress may be the culprit?

At Active Chiropractic, we treat patients throughout Eugene, OR, who are suffering from pain, stiffness, and muscle soreness. Oftentimes, poor-quality mattresses are to blame.

So, how do you know if your mattress is causing you pain? And what should you look for in a good mattress?

Here’s how to choose the right mattress!

Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain?

The benefits of good sleep are endless. Sleep can improve your memory, reduce stress and inflammation, and make you healthier all-around. Even if you love sleep, your body may not love your mattress.

Waking pain that dissipates after 15-30 minutes is a tell-tale sign that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress. But even if you don’t wake up in constant pain, there are other signs that can indicate your mattress is doing more harm than good.

Here are signs of a bad mattress:

  • You toss & turn a lot
  • You wake up feeling exhausted
  • Your body hurts when you lay down
  • You struggle to get comfortable in bed
  • You feel an increased pressure in certain rest or sleeping positions
  • Your bed creaks a lot
  • Your mattress is older than 7 years
  • Your mattress is stiff, lumpy, or saggy

If you’re experiencing waking body pain or any of these other signs, it may be time to consider replacing your mattress.

How to Pick a Good-Quality Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equal, and finding the right mattress for you will depend on your personal preferences.

Generally speaking, the best mattress should maximize your comfort and support your musculoskeletal system﹣and you should be able to feel good when you rest, sleep, and wake up. A good-quality mattress is one that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. You don’t want a mattress that is too stiff or too soft.

Look for mattresses that support the natural curvature and alignment of your spine. These should spring back fairly quickly and snugly fit to your body; you don’t want to feel like you’re sinking into your bed, or laying flat either.

A good mattress should provide plenty of back support. Keep in mind that mattress tops come in a variety of paddings. Some paddings are thicker than others. Traditional mattresses are supported by coil springs, and while some people prefer their firm support, they may not be beneficial to those who experience frequent back pain. Alternatives, such as memory foam, cooling gel, or latex mattresses, can provide comfort and support.

Other Ways to Reduce Pain & Improve Sleep

Changing your mattress is a great place to start if you’re looking for pain relief and better sleep. There are additional things you can practice to help with your pain and sleep.

Aim to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. If you need to nap during the day, keep it to 20 minutes or less. You should also avoid drinking caffeine too late in the day.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising can help with your sleep and your overall health. Avoid exercising 2-3 hours before bed. Bedtime stretches can relieve muscle soreness and help you wind down.

At nighttime, reduce your exposure to blue light. Put your phone away, turn off your TV and other electronics, and read or meditate before bedtime.

If you’re still struggling with pain, you may need to take further action. Consider trying chiropractic treatment or massage therapy to help with your pain. By undergoing therapy and sleeping on a better mattress, you should notice improvements with your pain and sleep.

Understanding How to Choose the Right Mattress

Our mattresses play an essential role in our sleep, musculoskeletal health, and overall well-being. If you need help choosing a better mattress, our chiropractors and massage therapists can help. Reach out to us if you’re struggling with pain and poor sleep, and we’ll come up with therapeutic solutions to help you.