The fitness classes offered at Active Chiropractic are tailored to help you to become strong, confident and mobile in the activities that you perform in everyday life, and have fun in the process!  Our bodies are made to do extraordinary things, but modern culture has us driving, sitting at desks and texting on our phones for most of the day.  We have lost the necessary range of motion in our joints which contributes to our feeling stiff, tight, and out of shape to perform daily tasks that should feel easy.  At Active Chiropractic we place a huge focus on joint control and strength.  When your joints are functioning well, the surrounding muscles are prepared to tackle a wide array of complex movements.  Joint control exercises are a large part of our training regimen, along with exercises that mimic movements you use on a daily basis, commonly known as functional fitness.  You will also see core strengthening work, cardiovascular training, mobility training, stretching and more!

Our specialists are some of the best Eugene has to offer.  Our classes are small in order to provide a personal experience.  Students are asked to meet with one of our coaches before signing up for class to ensure that we are able to offer you the best possible services and put you in the correct class to meet your needs.

Our vision for these classes is that you learn how to have ultimate control over your joints, along with stability and strength in your entire body.  With this control and strength, you will be able to perform whatever movements are necessary in your daily life and exercise routine.  Whether it’s playing with your kids, gardening, or performing an ironman triathlon, we will get you back on track so you can live well, and live active!

How to Join

Joining our classes is easy. Just reserve your spot by calling 541-543-5032, then pay the $15 fee (per class) at the front office before your class session starts. You can also pay over the phone. Drop-ins are accepted if space is available. Participants do not have to be a patient.

We have savings cards available!  When you buy 15 classes, you get one free.

Class Schedule

Functional Fitness

Mondays at 5:30pm
Fridays at 12:00 pm

Our fitness class, taught by Kristen Barnes, involves fun and interactive training exercises for the whole body with movements that build strength, cardiovascular capacity, balance, mobility, and full body control.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Limit: 6-People

Foam Rolling & Mobility

Thursdays at 4:30pm

Kristen Barnes teaches a combination of foam rolling & yoga techniques to enhance range of motion, increase blood flow, and provide self-myofascial release. These movements are beneficial for improving posture, decreasing pain in between chiropractic visits, and healing muscles from knots and tightness. Foam rollers are provided.

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Limit: 10-People

Beginner Yoga *NEW*

Coming Soon!

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher & our new Physical Rehabilitation Specialist, Karly Lichvarcik, will gently guide you in an hour long Yin Yoga practice to restore joint mobility by targeting the ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks, and even the bones. Props + Mats are provided.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Limit: 10-People

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